Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Have you ever witnessed something horrible in your life?

Driving up a twisty road going clip clap clip clap on the cars shiny silver Garde's. We've just had had 

a report that a gun has just been fired near Spice st and a young male has gone missing around 
20-30 minutes ago. ''Roger that Erin mummbled. 

Going 145km's per minute. Grasping the handle and holding on tight taging my seat belt tighter and tighter  every second.''No sign of him here but wait there he is and he is dumbing someone in the creek.

''Right why where you chucking him in the creak 

I belowed anxiously with a camera on side recording every word that he said''. ''I don't know what do you mean I don't know we just saw you chucking him in the creek.''Where's the gun I said in a shaken voice. Tell us why you did it or your coming with me!! 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The era of my fear

Its sharp pointy teeth pierced  my skin.Its blood shot eyes glared into mine. 
Tears were trickling  down my face like a waterfall. Screwing my face with pain.My cheeks flushed with fear as I noticed what was below me...

The slimy eel was hooked on my flesh and bone. I availed the most ear wrenching scream. I was now the hunter as the Eel slowly opened its 
wide mouth and fell in deep deep water.

I never had a fear of water or eel's but now that  I had to experience something like that it has opened my eyes to a new era, the era of my fear.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


 1st place here I come!

The feel of life changing words circulating into the air. Am I a winner or just another loser? I thought anxiously as the wind blew briskly in a southley direction. The bright glowing sun was like opening a tresure chest full of gold. Our turn slowly approched and my anger levels were rising.
Walking around the standes my fists were clenched around the bright pink lead. 

My opponents eyes fixed on me and my calf. Trixie's perfect leading was the eye of the prize. My face was blushing as I had found out that our brilliant leading had finaly paid off. ''Well done Katelyn my mum said in a proud manner voice''.

Good job Trixie's I am so proud of you I said in a prouder voice.

Monday, 4 August 2014


Thankyou to everybody how has looked at my blog and commented.

Auckland zoo

On Thursday my family went up to Aucland to stay their for a couple night.While we were up in Auckland we we to the zoo.Here are some photos of the animals I saw at the zoo.